MC Muscles: How to stay fit in Monaco?

Surrounded by mountains, and with the Mediterranean sea on your doorstep, it is inevitable that a healthy lifestyle comes with the purchase of an apartment in Monaco. The year-round sunshine that bathes the Riviera in the golden rays that so characterise this beautiful part of the world lends itself to the popularity of outdoor pursuits all along the Cote d’Azur. What’s more, for those rare rainy days, or for those looking to add a little more luxury to their workout, Monaco also offers – unsurprisingly – some rather fine gyms. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to stay fit in Monaco, so don your trainers, stretch those muscles, and prepare to get in shape!

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Monaco from my Eyes – A Local’s Point of View

La Costa Properties Monaco’s team of experienced professionals feel passionate about the principality of Monaco; it’s part of what discerns our service from others. From the spectacular skyline, comprising an array of luxury Monaco real estate, to the beautiful beaches that line the coast, the varied features of the Principality are what make it so unique.

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Closest Golf Courses to Monaco

Golfing near Monaco

Golfing near Monaco

How far to the Nearest Golf club from Monaco?

It’s probably not the first sport you would associate with Monaco, but there is in fact a plethora of excellent golf courses near the Principality to cater for all ages and abilities of golfers.

Indeed, Monaco might well be the second smallest and most densely populated country in the world but beyond the high rise apartment blocks and skyscrapers are at least half a dozen golf clubs within an hour’s drive from the city centre.
Here are some of our favourite greens for the budding Ballesteros’ amongst you.

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