VIDEO: What Do You Love Most about the Principality of Monaco?

Monaco: The Desirable Principality.

From the endless selection of luxury Monaco real estate to the Principality’s close proximity to other alluring destinations, there are many things to Love about Monaco. Residents of the state enjoy an indulgent lifestyle that can be experienced in few other locations. This may explain why an increasing number of people are seeking to relocate to the alluring region. Characterised by blue skies, bright sunshine and two scenic ports that welcome a fleet of luxury superyachts, Monaco is the epitome of paradise. Compact, it covers 2km2 – an area that could fit comfortably into New York’s Central Park. Continue reading

Luxury Real Estate in Monaco Enjoys Record Year in 2014

MonacoThe Monaco property market enjoyed a record year in 2014, achieving total real estate sales of €2.4 billion. Transaction volumes in 2014 also exceeded Monaco’s previous record year in 2007 by 21%, with a total of 555 properties sold in 2014. Continue reading