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Monaco: The Desirable Principality.

From the endless selection of luxury Monaco real estate to the Principality’s close proximity to other alluring destinations, there are many things to Love about Monaco. Residents of the state enjoy an indulgent lifestyle that can be experienced in few other locations. This may explain why an increasing number of people are seeking to relocate to the alluring region. Characterised by blue skies, bright sunshine and two scenic ports that welcome a fleet of luxury superyachts, Monaco is the epitome of paradise. Compact, it covers 2km2 – an area that could fit comfortably into New York’s Central Park.

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10 things to love about Monaco:

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    1. The glamorous yachts and two spectacular ports.

A Luxurious Lifestyle

Many discerning residents enjoy the finer things in life, from Michelin-starred restaurants to casinos, exclusive nightclubs and other luxurious hangouts, such as the Monte Carlo Country Club and the Monaco Yacht Club. The Principality is enshrouded in an air of sophistication, with ballets, operas, exhibitions and elegant events bringing the cultural calendar into the spotlight of the world.

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Monaco’s Great Location

Monaco is bordered by France and the Mediterranean Sea, but it is just a 10 minute drive to Italy. Residents take advantage of the Principality’s great location, skiing in the mountains in the winter and taking day trips to Italy and St Tropez throughout the summer. Most European countries are just a short flight away, and the international airport of Nice is just a 30 minute drive by car. Monaco can also be accessed by helicopter from Nice airport in just 7 minutes, meaning transfers are seamless.

The Glorious Weather

Monaco enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, meaning an average of 25°C in the summer months. Residents of Monaco enjoy al fresco dining, hot beach days and warm, favourable evenings.

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