Making a Monaco real estate investment: Guide to financing options


Buying real estate in Monaco is a popular investment for the world’s richest individuals, with many choosing to either permanently reside in the Principality or invest in property as part of a long-term wealth strategy.  

Monaco’s economic and political security, robust financial infrastructure, tax-efficient status, enviable location, luxury lifestyle, and vibrant property market have all contributed to the Principality boasting the world’s most exclusive real estate market. To own property in Monaco is the ultimate investment and the reserve of the world’s richest individuals. Continue reading

Where to live in Monaco, Top 10 residences


Despite its compact size, Monaco is home to a dazzling selection of luxury residences, from beautiful Belle Epoque buildings to modern masterpieces. But which Monaco properties stand head and shoulders above the rest?

If you’re wondering where to live in Monaco, read on. Here, the real estate experts at La Costa Properties Monaco share their insights into the top 10 best places to live in Monaco. Continue reading

The best Monaco new developments 2024


With real estate highly sought after in Monaco, every year sees a curated selection of exquisite new developments, each offering a refined selection of apartments and penthouses.

This year, 2024 will welcome two highly exclusive Monaco new buildings; Mareterra and Bay House, two of the most eagerly awaited new property developments, further adding to the allure of residing in the city-state.

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