Monaco from my Eyes – A Local’s Point of View

La Costa Properties Monaco’s team of experienced professionals feel passionate about the principality of Monaco; it’s part of what discerns our service from others. From the spectacular skyline, comprising an array of luxury Monaco real estate, to the beautiful beaches that line the coast, the varied features of the Principality are what make it so unique.

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Sabrina Gaia from La Costa Properties Monaco offers her opinions on her favourite aspects of the Principality of Monaco, discussing everything from the laid back pace of life to the cultural attractions that characterise the events calendar.

What Makes Monaco such a special place?

To put it simply, it’s the way of life. The South of France is generally a very laid back place: the combination of great weather and delicious food makes it hard to not be. However, with Monaco you have the added benefit of being a part of a vibrant cosmopolitan city, with incredible events, rich culture, exclusive clubs, such as the Yacht Club, the Automobile Club and the Monte Carlo Country Club, great security, great schools, great medical centres, and it’s set in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Which is Monaco’s best restaurant?

Monaco boasts an eclectic range of fantastic restaurants. From French to more exotic cuisines, everything is on your doorstep and each is more delicious than the last. However, my personal favourite is Maya Bay.

What is your favourite attraction?

There are so many it is hard to pick a favourite, but the museums here are fantastic. There have been some brilliant collections at the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco – the Paloma and Sauber Villas – and the ever-changing collections at the Oceanographic Museum are a constant delight.

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What is your favourite event on the cultural calendar?

In Monaco we are lucky enough to enjoy a varied array of cultured events. Obviously, a great favourite for me is the world-renowned Grand Prix. Nothing makes the city hum like those incredible cars as they zoom along the winding city roads. The Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters in Monte Carlo also brings the best out of the city, but one of my personal favourites is the Monaco Yacht Show, which has an enchanting way of bringing Monaco to life.

From where can you get the best view in Monaco?

The Rock is the first place that comes to mind. The glorious old town is home to some of the best vistas in Monaco. The Exotic Gardens offer a different view of Monaco. This view gives you not only a panoramic sight of the city in all its splendour, but it’s framed buy some extremely interesting plants.

Favourite piece of Monegasque architecture?

The fabulous architecture is what makes Monaco unique. The old merchant part of the town down in the Condamine is particularly stunning, with its colourful bourgeois buildings.

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Which is the best day trip from Monaco?

There is something for everyone. From wandering around the Old Town of Nice to walking a trail in the Vallée des Merveilles, shopping in Cannes, or sailing along the coast, the Riviera treats its residents to all manner of fun activities.

Which is your favourite bar or club?

If you’re looking for a nice drink Buddha bar is the place for you. It offers incredible cocktails and great opportunities to people watch. Any bar on the port is always worth a visit. If you’re looking to go clubbing then Jimmy’z is the place to go, though Twiga is a close second.

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Where is your favourite place to sunbathe and swim in Monaco?

The Larvotto beach has a nice selection of private beaches and restaurants right here in the city. However, one of the benefits of Monaco is that it is very close to some gorgeous beaches. I usually get out of Monaco and go to the Italian border; there is a little private beach called Spiagetta dei Balzi Rossi, which is truly breath-taking. Not only is it beautiful and calm, but as you’d expect, the food served in the beachfront restaurant is exquisite.

Which of the La Costa Properties Monaco apartments available for sale is your favourite?

My favourite is the 21 Princesse Grace because of the brilliant location near the water and the centre and the potential of the apartment; also, the large rooms and exclusive pool to the residence are an added bonus. The Palazzo Leonardo is another favourite of mine. It offers lavish luxury, exquisite views and stunning architecture.

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No matter where you find your property with La Costa Properties Monaco, you’ll be amazed by the wealth of attractions that the Principality has to offer. From the countless cultural events to the wonderful restaurants, the stunning schools and facilities to the simply breath-taking views, Monaco will always be the shining jewel of this beautiful region.

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