First Monegasque Wine to be Made from Vineyard in Casino Square

DSC09536What do a casino and a vineyard have in common? Well, when it comes to Monaco, they share a common territory. In the past 150 days, starting 22 June 2013, any visitor staying in Hôtel de Paris or a local living in a centrally-located Monaco apartment could observe a vineyard right in the heart of the Casino square. The ephemeral pop-up vineyard was opened as a part of a year-long celebration of the 150th anniversary of Monte-Carlo SBM.

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Spas in Monaco

The tiny, yet perfectly formed Principality of Monaco really does seem to have everything going for it. Located on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, nestled cosily between France and Italy, Monaco boasts some of the best restaurants, the classiest shops and now one of the most ambitious football teams in the world.

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Monaco’s Sporting Summer Festival

For a sovereign city-state no larger than your average French town, the variety of cultural attractions on offer in Monaco throughout the year is huge.

Take the Sporting Summer Festival, for example. This glamorous event which runs for six weeks in July and August is one of the premier music festivals in Europe with a following of loyal supporters who come year in, year out to hear their favorite musicians perform.

The festival, held in the superb Salle des Etoiles which lies next to the exclusive Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort and close to some of our premier property in Monaco, has been drawing some of the best international performers since it started up more than 30 years ago.

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