Spas in Monaco

The tiny, yet perfectly formed Principality of Monaco really does seem to have everything going for it. Located on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, nestled cosily between France and Italy, Monaco boasts some of the best restaurants, the classiest shops and now one of the most ambitious football teams in the world.

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La Costa Properties Monaco Presents – Events During May in Monaco

May is a one of our favourite times of year in Monaco. The weather is warming up, there is a constant flow of superyachts in and out of the port, and the stands are up in preparation for the eagerly-awaited Monaco Grand Prix held at the end of the month.

But long before the roads around our apartments to rent in Monaco are closed off to general traffic for the F1 race of the season, there are a number of other events held in the Principality which are worth checking out.

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