Ten Reasons to do Business in Monaco

Monaco beachMonaco is a hugely attractive destination for businessmen with more and more successful entrepreneurs, bankers, traders and sportsmen to name but a few coming to live in Monaco every week.

But what is it like to actually do business from within the Principality itself? How easy is it to start a business or carry on with the one you have if you decide to rent an apartment in Monaco? Continue reading

The Odeon Tower: Monaco’s Newest Architectural Success

Monaco beachAs we often point out, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, measuring a minute two square kilometres. Only the Vatican City, a country within a city, is smaller, with approximately 700 residents fitting with ease into its 0.4 square kilometres.

The same cannot be said for Monaco, however, with its population of 36,000 growing all the time, causing government planners and architects considerable headache as to how to increase living space on this tiny coastal sovereign state. Continue reading

Monaco Celebrates Picasso

Pablo Picasso is arguably one of the most famous artists of all time who came to live and work on the Cote d’Azur from his native Spain as an adult.

Recognised alongside Henri Matisse and Marcel Duchamp as one of three artists who defined the major revolutionary developments in painting, sculpture, printmaking and ceramics in the beginning of the 20th century, Picasso’s talents are undisputed.

And any trip to the French Riviera, along the coast from our La Costa Properties Monaco office, offers up a multitude of possibilities to go and see Picasso’s work.

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