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The Principality of Monaco is characterised by contrasting beauty: from the breathtaking beaches to impressive skyline, the exquisite cuisine and the unique architecture. As a company that specialises in selling Monaco real estate, we appreciate the significance of replicating this environmental beauty in the interiors of residential homes. We are frequently asked by our clients to recommend interior designers for their homes, and of course they are always looking for the best of the best. We’ve compiled this list of recommended interior designers for discerning property buyers; take the design inspiration that your luxury property in Monaco deserves. Make your property as awe-inspiring as the rest of Monaco.

Interior Design in Monaco Callender Howorth

Callender Howorth

Esteemed design studio Callender Howorth provides designing, renovating and interior styling services for opulent homes around the UK and Europe. Their work in the Cote d’Azur is of an aspirational high standard and characterises luxury, and having worked on projects from chalets to mansion houses they have a tremendous amount to offer to anyclient looking to turn their property into a truly inspirational space. They have a client focused approach, taking the time to ensure the service they deliver is highly personalised and tailored to your needs – as well as, of course, what you are passionate about.

Interior Design in Monaco Callender Howorth

McLaren Interiors

McLaren prides itself on delivering an innovative approach to luxury design, which involves a strong client relationship as well as close links with key brands in the industry. Their understanding of the needs of the marketplace and their individual customer is second to none, and they have a keen feel for the creative communication between traditional and contemporary design (essential in a location such as Monaco where this characterises so much of the real estate itself).

Lidia Bersani

Based in Monaco, Lidia Bersani interiors are the definition of luxuriance. Specialising only in the most high-end projects, Bersani’s characteristic style is evident in her designs, where she favours light colours and rich gold tones, incorporated with accents of pearls or Swarovski crystals. This designer will be well suited to clients who are looking for a classic and sumptuously decorated style, and there is no doubt that the end results are sensational.

Kamil Interior Design

Kamil Interior design was originally launched in Cannes, transferring to Monaco nearly 30 years ago. Their reputation is strong, built on a great level enthusiasm and commitment for their projects whereby they provide their discerning clientele with bespoke designs, taking them through each stage from conception to finishing touches with equal pride and attention to detail. Every element is meticulously considered, and it shows in the end results. For Monaco property owners looking for that balance between artistic elegance and practicality, Kamil interiors is a wise choice.

Garbarino Collections

The designers at Garbarino Collections work in a way that is free of the restraints of convention, but primarily inspired by timeless elegance. Concentration on the highest quality craftsmanship and refined materials results in the creation of unique and highly stimulating spaces. Colour is considered to be a powerful force of expression, evocative of a range of human responses, and it is used to engineer the atmosphere of the environment to suit the client’s individual wishes.Garbarino Collections Interior Design in Monaco

AD Monaco

The team at AD have an impressively diverse portfolio, ranging from the crisply modern to the sumptuously classic in style, whilst maintaining throughout a sharply elegant look which is steeped in luxury. Their designs are opulent without ever tipping into excess, using serene colour palettes to create irresistibly calming interiors as well as outdoor spaces. They will lead you in all stages of your project, from the very conception to the all-important finishing touches.

Monaco interior designers La Costa Properties Monaco

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