The 5 Best Monaco Apps

Monaco offers so much in terms of yachting and leisure that it’s hard to keep up with all the local events and news. These 5 apps are a lifesaver for owners of Monaco real estate.

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1. Marine Traffic

If you plan to spend any time on yachts, Marine Traffic is the perfect app to help you organise your route and check on busy anchorages. It’s the most famous and widely used online ship tracking system with 800 million vessel positions recorded monthly. It offers real-time data of ships along with advanced search features. The app’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) system features an enormous database of ships of every type and also tracks various international ports. In fact, it records 18 million vessel and port-related events each month. It’s live maps are great for letting you know which yachts are in the vicinity. There are similar apps on the market but Marine Traffic has the best track record and a sound reputation for accuracy.

2. Monaco Yacht Show App

Monaco Yacht Show is Europe’s leading boat show and a huge event, so it’s important to keep up to date with the innumerable available services. The yacht show’s official app is a one-stop shop for all of the event’s important information. It provides essential information about the show, such as opening times, ticket prices and transportation. The app allows you to purchase tickets, find the entrance and exit points, and book hotels.The map tool helps you plan the best way to your preferred exhibition, conference or yacht. It includes up-to-date photography, yacht and exhibitor listings and the tools to map your best route around the show.

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3. YachtNeeds

YachtNeeds is appropriately named since it is built around the needs of the yachting community. Still less than a year old, YachtNeeds has become an indispensable tool for those in the yachting industry. It enables users to find geo-positioned suppliers and services for anything they might need, from speciality shops to English-speaking doctors in over 450 ports and anchorages.

YachtNeeds recently combined functions with its social sister app YachtChat which allows captains and crews to connect with others in the industry. It’s great for making career connections or just arranging fun nights out when together in ports at the same time. YachtNeeds also has an advanced job search feature, so you can find global jobs with just one touch. It sends you daily and weekly job alerts that match your profile and you can even record a video CV to catch the attention of agents looking to fill crew positions.

4. Monaco Grand Prix App

Attending the iconic Monaco Grand Prix takes a lot of organising, but with the Grand Prix app, the process will be much easier. The people behind the app offer a range of services to ensure you have the best visit to the world’s ultimate F1 circuit. They can arrange tickets, book hotels and help with transport. Whether you need a limousine, a yacht charter or reservation at the finest Michelin restaurants, Monaco Grand Prix app can help. It also gives you information on the circuit, programme, races and winners.

5. The Jellyfish Report

Avoid the perils of jellyfish stings while swimming with this free app that has been created by La Web Compagnie in the South of France. The Jellyfish Report informs the user of the presence or absence of these nasty creatures on beaches around Monaco. It not only helps people avoid stings, but also helps them report jellyfish in areas around the Riviera and instructs you on how to treat stings. The app relies on GPS to establish your location and enables you to search the nearest beach within a set number of kilometres. You can search beaches anywhere in the world by adding a beach name.

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