Interiors to Impress in Monaco

Humbert and PoyetMonaco is well known for its many beautiful buildings and stylish interiors. Indeed, many residents are attracted to the Principality due to the high quality of the property to rent in Monaco. Therefore, it perhaps comes as little surprise that one local architectural firm has caught the attention of the world’s press.

Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet unite to bring their inspired design work to Monaco through their agency Humbert & Poyet. The agency offers services from traditional architectural planning to their bespoke interior design service. We take a look at some of their eye-catching projects.

Apt EApartment E reveals a simple yet vibrant design with bright colours and intriguing angles, lighting and artwork. This apartment is an interesting blend of modern and retro with features such as the patterned flooring contrasting with a spectacular angled table. Combining the old and the new seems to be a common theme in Humbert and Poyet’s work. We borrow the quality of one and the seduction of the other, with a fastidious attention to detail” they explain.

MaraisIn their Marais project, Humber and Poyet have maximised the use of light and space. Long ladders give access to high bookshelves and other storage under the properties’ high ceilings whilst over-length curtains are used to add a feeling of warmth and comfort. Once again the lighting is highly prominent with a variety of multi-coloured, almost anthropomorphic lamps bringing the space to life.

Simplicity is once again key, with the pair clearly favouring clean and modern lines, however quality and comfort are never comprised in their projects: We aim to create timeless spaces that are simple yet luxurious, using high quality materials.. stone, wood and glass’.

The LoftThe firm’s loft project features low tables with sleek yet inviting sofas and armchairs and stylised lighting. A colour scheme of browns and whites creates a warm yet luminous feel. Extra touches are visible everywhere including a beautiful grand piano and some unique artwork.

Humber and Poyet always try to involve their clients, making sure they feel part of the project. “Our creations are nothing more than our client’s aspirations realised in three dimensions. This is why we particularly encourage client participation”. Their good client relationships are clearly another reason for their continued success along with their careful treatment of any original features in the buildings they work on. As they explain Our spaces reflect the personalities of our clients whilst respecting the integrity of the sites”.

To view a variety of Humbert & Poyet’s most recent projects in more detail, visit the project and press pages on their website.

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