The best Michelin star restaurants in Monaco

Restaurant-etoile-Monaco-Monte-Carlo-BayThere are many areas in which Monaco excels, and fine dining is undoubtedly one of them. Gourmands will find a superb selection of Michelin star restaurants in Monaco, offering some of the world’s finest cuisines. Whether you fancy classic French cuisine, globally inspired dishes, or Asian-fusion fare, Monaco’s best restaurants certainly know how to deliver. If you want to enjoy culinary excellence, whether you reside in Monaco or are just visiting, keep reading. Here’s our guide to some of the best restaurants in Monaco!

Best Michelin star restaurants in Monaco

Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse – 3 Michelin Stars

restaurant-etoile-monacoArguably Monaco’s most iconic Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse at Hôtel de Paris, is a must-visit for lovers of fine cuisine served in elegant surroundings. Headed up by chefs Alain Ducasse and Dominique Lory, the modern, contemporary menu is a work of art, boasting food that Ducasse says “tastes like the sun.” The restaurant’s elegant Belle Epoque dining room only adds to the grandeur of this fine dining establishment. The restaurant is located in Monte-Carlo’s Golden Square, the principality’s most iconic destination and home to sought-after super-prime Monte Carlo real estate for sale.

Restaurant du Metropole Monte-Carlo – 2 Michelin Stars

Located in the elegant Metropole Monte-Carlo hotel, this restaurant is a favourite spot with Monaco gourmands. Boasting modern and innovative cuisine inspired by the late chef Joel Robuchon, this Monaco restaurant is guaranteed to delight. Dine at the Chef’s Table and witness the chefs’ culinary skills or enjoy sea views on the restaurant’s terrace while savouring delectable cuisine courtesy of this two Michelin star restaurant in Monaco.

Blue Bay – 1 Michelin Star

best-restaurant-monaco-blue-bayHeaded up by chef Marcel Ravin, the Michelin starred Blue Bay offers diners a bold repertoire of Mediterranean and Caribbean inspired cuisine bursting with flavour. The restaurant’s terrace provides a backdrop of the azure-blue Mediterranean Sea, perfect for leisurely lunches and elegant dining adventures with friends and family. Located in the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel Resort, this refined dining destination is a must for those seeking creative and artistic dishes prepared with the world’s finest ingredients.

Le Grill – 1 Michelin Star

michelin-star-restaurant-monacoLocated within the famed Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Le Grill is a must-visit Michelin-starred restaurant in Monaco’s renowned Monte Carlo district. The restaurant is located on the hotel’s rooftop, boasting sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea and the French Riviera coastline. Grilled meats are the highlight at this best restaurant in Monaco, offering a menu selection guaranteed to delight even the most discerning gourmands.

Le Vistamar – 1 Michelin Star

This Michelin-star restaurant in Monaco is located in the lavish Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo and boasts exquisite views of the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant boasts a relaxed yet elegant vibe, offering a delicious menu of plates designed for sharing. Dishes are inspired by the Mediterranean’s rich bounty. The menu includes sumptuous plates such as confit pollock, guinea fowl cooked with wine, ceps and potatoes, and egg parfait with wild mushrooms, to name just a few.

Maya Bay – Michelin Plate Award

Japanese inspired fare is the highlight of this best restaurant in Monaco. Feast on exquisite sushi, sashimi, steamed dumplings, Japanese barbecue, and other Asian specialities. The richly decorated, Asian-inspired décor decorated with lanterns, buddhas, and peppered with the smell of perfumes and incense, only enhances the culinary experience. Awarded a Michelin Plate Award, we believe it is only a matter of time before this restaurant is awarded a Michelin star.

What other Monaco Michelin-starred restaurants would you add to our guide?

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