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Made In MonacoBuying local has become a byword for sustainability. Not only is it a green alternative, but it also helps support the local economy. Additionally, locally made items often make unique, thoughtful gifts. With this in mind, we’ve put together a made in Monaco shopping guide, from locally made Monaco chocolates to craft beers. These locally made items are guaranteed to delight. Whether you are a Monaco resident, or just visiting, make sure you check out these wonderful made in Monaco items.

Made in Monaco

Brasserie de Monaco beer

Quench your thirst with made in Monaco beer at Brasserie de Monaco. The only craft beer made in Monaco, Brasserie de Monaco’s beers are made with organic malts and brewed on-site. The beers include Blonde de Monaco, Blanche de Monaco, Ambree de Monaco, and a changing seasonal craft beer. The only Monegasque brewery, Brasserie de Monaco was established in the Fontvieille district and has gone on to garner a slew of awards, including its blond beer which was voted the best beer in France during the 18th National Beer Competition in 2014. Visit Brasserie de Monaco and enjoy a selection of exquisite craft Monaco beers while enjoying a selection of light bites and sharing platters, including pizzas, charcuteries, salads, burgers, and more.

Chocolaterie de Monaco

A chocolate lover’s must! Chocolaterie de Monaco have been purveyors of fine Monaco chocolates since they were established in 1920. The shop offers an exquisite range of high-quality chocolates made with only the finest ingredients. Choose from a range of chocolate bars and Monaco-themed bonbons, such as chocolate shaped crowns, as well as an exclusive selection of accessories. Beautifully packaged, these Monaco chocolates make a great gift, for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, or simply as a sweet treat for yourself.

L’Orangerie Monte-Carlo


L’Orangerie are producers of the first made in Monaco liqueur. The premium orange-infused Monaco liqueur is made from carefully selected hand-picked fruits from the sun-kissed orange trees that line the principality’s avenues. The oranges are picked during January and February, when they are at their optimum. They are then washed and peeled at the company’s Monaco based facility before being transformed into a premium liqueur. This delicious golden coloured liqueur is infused with the flavours of the Mediterranean and is best sipped in the company of friends and loved ones.

Les Dessous de Monaco


Treat yourself or your loved one to elegant, designed and made in Monaco lingerie. Les Dessous de Monaco is one of the latest made in Monaco businesses underpinning the principality’s vibrant cottage industry. Les Dessous designs and manufactures all its products on site by a team of seamstresses and designers. Every design aims to respect the elegance and authenticity of women. Le Dessous’ elegant boutique is designed to offer an exclusive and personal experience, with made-to-measure and personalised options also available. All the lingerie is made from the finest fabrics, ensuring the most refined and elegant experience.

Heliabrine Monaco

Heliabrine Monaco is a luxurious skincare brand made in the district of Fontvieille. Heliabrine’s luxurious formulas are designed for skincare professionals and at-home use, with innovative formulas with proven effectiveness at the heart of all products. The brand benefits from the scientific expertise of the ASEPTA laboratory, which has been operating in the principality for more than 60 years. Choose from an exquisite range of luxurious creams, lotions, serums, cleansers, scrubs, and oils for the face and the body that are all designed to rejuvenate and preserve the youth and radiance of your skin. Heliabrine’s eco-conscious line, Heliagreen, boasts products made with 99% natural origin ingredients, including the finest plant extracts.

Amura Caviar

Indulge in the finest caviar at Amura Caviar, a made in Monaco brand that works with the world’s most reputable sturgeon farms to bring the finest Caviar to the principality. Amura Caviar works to ensure sustainable caviar and is involved in each stage of the production process, working with trusted partners to provide the highest quality caviar made via traditional caviar production methods. Amura offers a range of caviars, including Royal Ossetra, Premium Selection, Diamond Selection, and Belua, sourced from beluga, kaluga, amur, ossetra, and schrennkii sturgeons, with fast delivery in Monaco.

TerrAe de Monaco


Terrae de Monaco is an organisation that is helping everyone to create made in Monaco produce by encouraging residents and Monaco real estate owners to embrace the concept of urban agriculture. Many Monaco apartments boast sun-filled terraces and balconies, ideal for developing a kitchen garden where local produce can flourish, from antioxidant-rich vegetables to sun-ripened fruit. Terrae de Monaco has numerous gardens throughout the principality, including on top of the conference room floor at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, which is filled with seasonal edible flowers, herbs, fruits, pulses, and vegetables. Terrae de Monaco produce is sold to local restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Blue Bay, while residents can also purchase this locally grown made in Monaco produce, ensuring a true farm-to-fork experience.

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