La SBM: Monaco’s Biggest Employer

Restaurant-City-of-Monaco-0cWhen you are living in Monaco, you can’t help notice the presence of the large SBM logo stamped on a whole range of brochures, publicity material and buildings.  But what does this ever-present emblem refer to; what does it mean?

SBM stands for La Société de Bains Mer, the largest employer in Monaco. The group, which employs more than 3,000 people in the Principality, is mainly concerned with overseeing a number of Monaco’s most popular hotels, casinos and restaurants. Continue reading

Lou Doillon at the Salle Garnier of Monte Carlo

Lou Doillon to perform at the Salle Garnier of the Opera of Monte Carlo.

As part of the autumnal concert line-up organized by the Monte Carlo Société des Bains de Mer, Lou Doillon will perform on stage on November 8th.

Lou Doillon is an all-around artist with a unique voice and timber. While she is on stage at the Opera Garnier of Monte Carlo, you will discover her personality through her songs. Her lyrics are very autobiographical and reveal her sensitive and rebellious temperament.

lou doillon at opera garnier monte carloDaughter of French director Jacques Doillon and British actress Jane Birkin, she first started an acting career, then became a model because of her atypical beauty and is now a known face in European cinema.

In 2006, Lou Doillon began writing music with friend and musician Chris Brenner. She sings, plays the guitar and writes lyrics.

She released her first album, Places with Brenner, musician John Mitchell, and various artists. It was clear to all who heard her first single I C U that her unsettling voice, magnetic melody and twilight atmosphere confirmed a future in music.