Sharks: A Thrilling Experience in Monaco

sharks monaco

From World Ocean Day on June 8th, visitors at the Musée Océanographique de Monaco have had the pleasure to discover a sensory exhibition of encounters with sharks. The public is invited to experience a genuine adventure to overcome its prejudices and discover the true nature of these lords of the seas.

In our imagination, the shark is often associated only a succession of frightening images, the legacy of Hollywood thriller movies. By offering an exhibition on sharks, the Musée Océanographique hopes to overcome that bad reputation. Sharks are much less deadly than road accidents (1.2 million), mosquitoes (800,000), or jellyfish (50) – they kill fewer than 10 persons per year.

sharks monaco

These great predators are now under threat even though they are vital for the health of ecosystems. More than 100 million sharks are killed by man each year. The Musée océanographique decided to appeal to emotion to raise the awareness of the public about their protection.

Your Visit will start in the Aquariums: in the Shark lagoon, with its 450.000 liters of sea water, you will discover several different specimens, from the impressive 3-meter-long nurse shark to the black-tips and the grey reef sharks.

You will continue to learn all there is to know about sharks by going through the rooms of the Museum. You will find a gigantic digital frame which shows the biological and behavioral features of each shark with its animated life-size image, and a “Gallery of Smiles” with jaws from several specimens to appreciate the sharpness of their teeth.

At the end of your visit, the Museum would like you to overcome any fear you may have towards this animal: you will be able to touch and stroke the backs of real sharks in a custom-designed tank: striped cat-sharks, pyjama sharks or spotted dogfish.

At the end of your visit, head over to the old Monaco, Monaco-Ville and enjoy the view of the Palace, the Port and Monte-Carlo.