Le Casino de Monte Carlo and Place du Casino

Casino Monte CarloIf you are living in the ‘heart’ of Monte Carlo, you would be within walking distance of the famous ‘Le Casino de Monte Carlo’. Luxury Monaco real estate is highly sought after, with some of the most prestigious apartments located near the Casino. Here you will discover the rich history and culture of the Principality.

If you enter the great Casino, you will find not only a gambling area, but also The Grand Theatre designed by the renowned Charles Garnier. The atmosphere in this particular Casino is definitely like no other. Enjoy the exclusivity and mingle with the other locals and frequent visitors of the famous Principality. If you are a fan of the opera, you must visit the Salle Garnier, the beautiful auditorium of the Opera House.

Other prominent buildings and Monaco properties on the Place du Casino include the ‘Hotel de Paris’, which dates from the mid-19th century. The Hotel de Paris, one of the main eateries on the Place du Casino, provides the ultimate Monegasque-dining experience, as does the ‘Café de Paris’ situated just across the road. The ‘Café de Paris’ has seating both inside and out, and serves fine Mediterranean dishes such as local seafood and incredible hand made pastries for dessert.

The Place du Casino is also one of the most notorious bends of the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Regarded as one of the most difficult Grand Prix races, it is definitely one that is exciting to watch as a spectator. The event takes place every year on the last weekend of May. If you are in to classic cars, do not miss the Classic Grand Prix, which takes place every other year and covers the same circuit.

Before the race begins, why not visit some of Monaco’s finest designer boutiques around the Place du Casino. Visit the Metropole shopping center or the designer’s row, and discover a world of luxury fashion, jewellery and art.

If you are seeking for property around the Place du Casino or surrounding areas of Monte Carlo, visit La Costa Properties, on 25 Avenue de La Costa.

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