To Buy or Not to Buy? LCPM Interviews Personal Shopper Emmanuelle

A celebrated haven for the world’s social elite, Monaco enjoys a luxury infrastructure that is second to none. Aside from luxury real estate, a port full of superyachts, and some of the finest restaurants in the world, Monaco offers internationally renowned luxury shopping opportunities. To find out more aboutthe benefits of a personal shopper in Monaco, and luxury shopping in the Principality, we spoke to Emmanuelle – a personal shopper in Monaco. 

For how long have you been working as a personal shopper in Monaco and how did you get into the industry?

I started working as a personal shopper in 2015 but I moved to Monaco a fews months back to develop my business. I’ve always worked in this industry in the past; I started in the luxury boutiques of Saint Tropez.

By working with different kinds of clients, I observed that that many did not know how best to choose items. Most of them were not buying clothes that accentuated their body shape, for example – either because they were just following fashion even though it was not suitable for them or because they didn’t have time to really shop properly, so they were just buying for the sake of buying.

Seeing this, I realised that I wanted to spend more time with my clients by bringing them something extra; I wanted to share my passion for finding the right piece for the right person.

In order to reach my goal, I strengthened my knowledge at a prestigious international school that specialises in fashion and image. And here I am doing what I have always loved, with passion in the perfect city.

Which services do you offer as a personal shopper in Monaco?

I offer different kinds of personalised shopping, depending on a client’s request. It can be a simple purchase if the client’s request is precise but it can also be a more in-depth service if it’s for a particular event or for a full wardrobe renewal. The latter service requires a full consultation of the customer’s profile and needs.

I often work on an hourly basis, but I also offer two additional pricing options: half day or full day. Depending on my client’s wishes, my services also include sorting an existing wardrobe and/or assisting a customer in shopping.

My goal is to save my clients time – because time often means money – and to provide them with a unique experience and a high quality service.

Which kind of people do you normally shop with/for?

I work with local and international customers – a mix of both men and women. I respect my clients’ privacy and am conscious of their trust in me.

Which is your favourite occasion to shop for? 

Every occasion is an enjoyable challenge for me and making my customer satisfied and happy is always my goal. Projecting a good image is a key aspect of communication and interaction between people. It gives you confidence and credibility when dealing with others. My number one rule is to respect customers’ personalities. That’s why the first step in every project is to analyse and identify their needs in order to provide the perfect advice.

Why is Monaco a great place to be a personal shopper?

Monaco has a great selection of luxury shops – perfect for finding unique items. From amazing secret shops to designer boutiques and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada, the variety of shops in Monaco make it the best shopping destination in the world. It gives me the opportunity to deal with international customers, which is very rewarding. International personalities inspire my work and me. Indeed, Monaco is a Principality full of businessmen and women for whom time is a precious commodity. This is why I am here to assist them on a daily basis – to gain time and style.

Where are your favourite places to shop in Monaco?

My favourite places to shop in Monaco are the Metropole Shopping Center for Famous Designers shops and the Pavillons Boulingrins at Place du Casino for Luxurys shops.

For a bespoke personal shopping experience in Monaco, contact Emmanuelle:

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