The Parks and Gardens of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is an incredibly appealing place to set up home. Aside from some of the world’s most luxurious real estate, Monaco offers world-famous cultural events, easy access to most of the Mediterranean, and a scenic environment to enjoy. In addition to the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the verdant mountains that tower above, various parks and gardens are scattered throughout the settlement, enriching the scenery and the standard of living for Monaco’s inhabitants. We’ve compiled a list of Monaco’s major parks for you to enjoy throughout the year.

The Exotic Gardens

Sprawling down the side of a steep mountain, the Exotic Gardens of Monaco are one of the Principality’s primary attractions. Aside from offering spectacular views of the entire region and out to the Mediterranean Sea, the Exotic Gardens of Monaco gathers an extensive collection of cacti and exotic Mediterranean flora. What’s more, the winding paths of the gardens lead to a deep network of historic caves, which are lined with stalagmites and stalactites. The delicate sound of birdsong fills the air, as the hot sunshine beams down on visitors.

Admission: Adults €7.20 – Children €3.80

Zoological Gardens

The Zoological Gardens of Monaco are another of the Principality’s popular attractions. They display an array of unusual animals in a pleasant setting. Located next to The Rock, the gardens overlook the scenic Port of Fontvieille and house reptiles, birds and mammals, as well as a selection of lush Mediterranean flora. This is an idyllic spot in a stunning location, and is the perfect place to visit with children. There is even a hippopotamus!

Admission: Adults €5 – Children €3

The Princess Grace Rose Garden

The most elegant garden in Monaco, found in Fontvieille Park, the Princess Grace Rose Garden resembles a traditional English Garden, with a modern twist. The garden’s maze-like layout is as enchanting as the stunning roses that scent the air with a charming fragrance. Pinks, whites and reds characterise Monaco’s most sophisticated garden, in which rows of roses form a breathtaking pattern. Fontvieille Park comprises a bucolic lake, surrounded by palm trees and other beautiful plants.

Free entrance

Jardin de la Petite Afrique

Located in the heart of Monte Carlo, just a stone’s throw from the Casino, the Jardin de la Petite Afrique attracts visitors with its beauty. Fragrant with the scent of unusual trees and colourful flowers, the thoroughfare offers an enjoyable route to the Boulevard des Moulins. Ducks wander between ponds; immaculately kept grass areas sprawl from winding paths; and chirping birds flutter between the trees. In the summer months, this park is particularly attractive, and underpins the beauty of Monaco.

Free entrance

Princess Antoinette Park

Covered in olive trees, The Princess Antoinette Park is on the Boulevard du Jardin Exotique and caters to families with children of all ages. The main attraction of the park is a play area, in which kids can play safely while their parents watch on. Older children will enjoy the sports fields, which cater for a variety of activities. The entire family will relish the opportunity to test their skills on the 18 hole mini golf course. Throughout the year, various activities are organise in the park, including an Easter egg hunt and Halloween activities. Certain areas of the park can be reserved for birthdays or other celebrations.

Free entrance to the park – admission fees apply for mini golf.

St Martin Gardens

Possibly the most stunning of all Monaco parks and gardens, the St Martin Gardens cling to the south west face of The Rock and look out over the Mediterranean Sea. Characterised by large palm trees, relaxing fountains, fascinating statues and unrivalled views, St Martin Gardens is a hidden gem that few tourists discover. Relax next to the central fountain and listen to the wildlife that inhabits the park: scuttling squirrels and tweeting birds. Complement your trip here with a visit to Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum, which neighbours the scenic park.

Free entrance

Japanese Gardens

Monaco’s Japanese Gardens are the most unusual of all parks in the Principality. They transport visitors to the far side of the globe in just a few short steps. With ponds, native trees and a peaceful pavilion, the park offers an enjoyable place to take a stroll. The park is modelled on a traditional Japanese garden – Zen principles have been implemented as authentically as possible. Once finished in the park, visitors can head to the beach; Larvotto Beach is just steps away.

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