The Oceanographic Museum Monaco

For a country which is less than one mile wide, Monaco boasts a number of excellent museums that are well worth a visit during a trip to look at our Monaco property for sale.

Our favorite by far however is the Oceanographic Museum, a short walk from our portfolio of luxury Monaco real estate.

Commanding a spectacular position on the cliff-top in Monaco Ville, the museum is home to a magnificent array of fish in its aquariums as well as an impressive collection of skeletons such as the remains of a whale measuring a staggering 18 meters long which is housed in, aptly, the Whale Room.

The museum was built more than 100 years ago by Prince Albert I, a keen sailor and marine lover who was also very interested in science from a young age. After a stint in the military the Prince set off on a number of exploratory expeditions, taking part in no less than 28 scientific campaigns.

It was with a view to improving the standard of scientific research into the ocean that Prince Albert built the museum which he referred to as a temple dedicated to the sea.

Amongst the 6,000 plus species housed in the aquariums are a number of sharks who are housed in the ‘Shark Lagoon’, a deep basin located inside the museum full of 450,000 liters of sea water to help the creatures feel at home.

The museum, which makes an enjoyable diversion during a trip to view our selection of Monaco real estate, often also hosts informative exhibitions which are great for kids and adults alike.

And when you have all had enough of peering into aquariums, the museum also boasts an excellent restaurant with sublime views in which to recharge your batteries before heading off to view more Monaco property for sale.

Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum is open every day, except during the Monaco Grand Prix. For more information go to

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