Monaco service contact numbers you should keep handy


However much you’re enjoying your lovely home in the Principality, it’s wise to find out which Monaco service you can call on if you ever have a problem with your plumbing, electricity, air-conditioning or you need a painter or locksmith. Here are a few addresses so you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet for the number of a suitable Monaco electrician, plumber, aircon specialist, locksmith or painter.


Brezzo: plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation

Monaco plumber and aircon specialist Brezzo has provided services in the Principality since 1921. The company repairs, designs, builds, installs and maintains all types of plumbing and heating and ventilation and air conditioning systems. Brezzo also offers an emergency plumbing service on weekdays until around 18:00. English is spoken.

Tel: +377 93 30 04 40

Plomberie Piccinini Lucien: plumbing

This family company has provided plumbing services to individuals and real estate agencies in the Principality for 30 years. This is the address you need for the installation of a kitchen or bath, as well as all types of repair work. Services are available from 8:00 to 17:30. One employee speaks English.

Tel: +377 93 50 73 45


SDS Electricité: 24/7 electrician

SDS Electricité is a French company specialised in electrical installations and repairs that works with electricians in Monaco. It is available 24/7 for repairs and claims to be able to send electricians to your home within 30 minutes of your call.



Serrurerie monégasque: locksmith

This locksmith offers a 24/7 emergency Monaco service. In addition to replacing locks and keys, its staff install safes and armoured doors.

Tel: +377 93 50 63 59


Viotti & Soulier: painter and decorator

Since 1939, Viotti & Soulier have painted the inside and outside of homes in Monaco and the surrounding area. The staff use eco-friendly paint, work on all surfaces and can give advice on how to embellish your home. This Monaco service has many English-speaking clients so you won’t have any problems trying to explain what you need.

Tel: +377 93 25 34 35

Whether you’re renting property in Monaco or have decided to make it your permanent home, all the contact details above will be useful. If you would like to invest in the country’s unique property market, these services above will be invaluable if you decide to renovate or refresh the apartment you purchase. Our team has years of real estate experience in the Principality and has a wide choice of  Monaco apartments for sale. Please contact us for more information.

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