Monaco: Sea life and its protection are an ongoing commitment


The Monaco sea is home to a dazzling array of marine life. As a principality with a huge amount of coastline in proportion to its surface area, seafaring and ocean conservation have always played a significant role in Monegasque culture. An infatuation with the seas and oceans has long been spearheaded by Monaco’s royal family. Prince Albert I of Monaco dedicated much of his life to the study of oceanography (then a relatively new discipline), marine conservation and the scientific study of the oceans. In 1910, he opened the Monaco Oceanographic Museum, which is now world famous.

Prince Albert I’s dedication to marine life is continued by his great grandson and current Prince of Monaco, Albert II. Monaco remains at the forefront of marine conservation, making it one of the best places for ocean-going aficionados to visit in order to discover more about underwater ecosystems. If this sounds appealing, why not explore beachfront property for sale in Monaco and secure yourself a prime location from which to explore Monaco’s marine life?

In the meantime, here are some of Monaco’s top ocean-based initiatives to pique your interest.

Protecting Posidonia

Posidonia is a protected species of marine flowering plant that is conducive to increasing biodiversity and forming habitats for underwater ecosystems. It grows in underwater meadows, and can be found in the Monaco sea.


Until recently, there was no proven method for transporting the posidonia plant to areas where it could be beneficial to cultivating marine life. In 2017, 500 square metres of posidonia were transplanted to protect them from being damaged by the land extension project underway in Monaco. The posidonia are undergoing 10 years of monitoring in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the graft. If proven successful, the transplantation will constitute important progress in the field of marine conservation.

Saving sea turtles

Prince Albert II of Monaco’s charitable foundation is at the forefront of a number of sustainability and conservation initiatives in Monaco and beyond. One of its recent successes was the opening of a brand new rescue centre for marine species.


The centre was opened by Prince Albert II in May 2019. It focuses on helping animals such as sea turtles that have been injured in boat collisions,  trapped in fishing nets and harmed by plastic waste. The centre rehabilitates these animals before releasing them back into the wild when they are well enough. It also raises awareness among divers, fishermen and harbour masters about what to do if they encounter a sea turtle.

Monaco Ocean Week

Monaco Ocean Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness of ocean conservation and the protection of marine life. It brings together experts from a diverse range of organisations to discuss key issues related to conservation, including the reduction of plastic pollution and developing a sustainable ocean economy.

Monaco Oceanographic Museum

A must-see for marine life lovers, Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum is home to more than 6,000 specimens. Its aquariums provide an accurate representation of both the tropics and the Mediterranean Sea, with sharks, octopuses, clownfish and moray eels all calling the centre home.


The Museum itself contains the largest collection of marine world curiosities, and pays respect to the heritage of Prince Albert I through its range of specimens, artifacts and documents related to oceanographic history.

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