Riding the (Radio) Waves in Monaco

For the small Principality that it is, Monaco has an astounding number of radio stations, with approximately 100 competing for your attention. Choosing which station should be the soundtrack for your luxury Monaco real estate is a veritable challenge.

First, pick your language from French, Monegasque, Italian, English, German, Russian, and more; the varied selection is truly representative of the cosmopolitan hub that the Principality is. Secondly, choose your style. Are you the intellectual radio listener with a penchant for stimulating talk? Do you like to follow inspirational and motivational programmes? Or is it music you’re tuning into? Finally, pick your genre: jazz, pop, rock, or classical?

We’ve tuned into the radio stations that are heating up the airwaves. Here are some of our favourites:

Radio Monaco

Francophone Radio Monaco is the national all-purpose radio station with a wide array of programmes, ranging from world economy and politics to European sports, and Riviera nightlife. Particularly popular among the international residents of Monaco is “Morning Call, Live from the USA” (Monday to Friday 7.40 am to 8.40 am). Los Angeles-based reporter Benoit Claire gives a round-up of what’s happening on the other side of the Pond. Radio Monaco is a must-tune-in, especially around election time.

Click here to listen to the Radio Monaco live stream.

Positively Monaco

Closer to home, Positively Monaco is a favourite station among the local English- speaking business community. Successful businessman Noel Edmonds, a lifelong lover and longtime resident of Monaco, created the station with a declared goal to bring positivity and collaboration to Monaco. It is the choice platform for business members to share their content and success stories, and it invites listeners to participate and have their stories featured.

Click here to listen to the Positively Monaco live stream.


Riviera Radio

Based in Monaco but serving the entire Anglophone expat community in the Cote d’Azur, Riviera Radio 106.5 is the go-to station to discover the Riviera’s news. Its mix of news from Monte Carlo to Montevideo, a local What’s On list, an eclectic variety of music, interesting interviews, videos, and competitions make it an engaging, easy-listening station.

Click here to listen to the Riviera Radio online live stream.

Radio Pitchoun

New to the party in July 2016 and already wildly popular is Francophone Radio Pitchoun, which dubs itself “the station for kids that parents listen to”. Its content: current topics, delivered in a way that is comprehensible for youths of various ages. Whether it’s the recent news, health questions, teenagers’ growing pains, or simply interesting local cultural projects, nothing is off topic. Experts provide young listeners and their parents with tools to create constructive dialogue on issues relevant to young lives.

Click here to listen to the Radio Pitchoun online live stream.

There are so many more stations, but so little time to hear them all. If you’re curious which other stations fill the airwaves between FM 87.70 and 107.90, check out the European radio map.

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