A look Ahead at the Monaco Grand Prix

It’s the ultimate date in the Formula 1 diary: the electrifying Monaco Grand Prix which takes place at the heart of principality and a hair’s breadth from some of our Monaco rentals next month.

The world’s most eagerly anticipated Grand Prix this year is scheduled to take place between May 23rd and 26th, overlapping with the final weekend of the Cannes Film Festival held 30 minutes drive west along the coast.

For three days Monaco is turned into one of the most daring and challenging race tracks on earth which winds its way around the port and in view of a large proportion of our property to rent in Monaco.

The thrilling race is watched by thousands in the stands which line the streets of Monaco as well as by tens of millions more who tune in to watch it on television from their homes in all four corners of the globe.

Perhaps the most challenging part of the course is the section which runs through a tunnel on the left side of Port Hercules – which is a stone’s throw from many of our central Monaco rentals.

The F1 drivers have to race around the track 78 times, covering a distance of just over 260kms and in spite of the relatively low average speeds, the Monaco Grand Prix is renowned for being particularly dangerous.

But the event is certainly not all about turbo engines and overall-clad drivers. The Monaco Grand Prix is also synonymous with glitz and glamour, and is hugely popular with the international jet set who fly in for the weekend to attend the various parties which are held in the run-up to Sunday’s race.

Many of the social events are held onboard the superyachts which line the port, around which some of our most prestigious property to rent in Monaco can be found.

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