What Makes Living in Monaco so Attractive?

Monaco flagThere is no doubt that Monaco provides an ambiance of absolute luxury, with mega yachts filling the ports, a variety five star restaurants, and exclusive events such as the Monaco Boat Show and F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Buying or renting a luxury property is highly sought-after in the Principality, but why is this the case?

  1. Location
    Monaco is an exquisite area, near both the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, nestled between France and Italy. It profits from the French Riviera’s microclimate, with rare cold winters and very hot summers.
  2. Safety
    The Principality is one of the safest places to live. Monaco prides itself to make sure that the level of security is high. As well as a 24/7 video surveillance system throughout the city and policemen guarding all entry points, Monaco has the highest policeman-to-residence ratio in the world (1-100).
  3. Government
    The Principality of Monaco is a constitutional monarchy. The Crown Council and the State Committee aid in assisting the Prince with his decisions, creating a very stable government.
  4. Financial Security
    Resident assets are secured. With the abundance of private banks and asset management firms, Monaco’s residents’ assets are extremely well protected.
  5. Low Taxation
    There is very mild taxation for individuals and companies in Monaco. This makes the Principality attractive to wealthy investors, businessmen and families.
  6. Education
    Even though Monaco is spread over three square kilometres; there is an excellent standard of education for both children and university students. There is a large selection of private and public schools, with high success rates.
  7. Health
    Monaco provides access to numerous health centres with state of the art facilities; including ‘Princess Grace Hospital’ and the ‘Cardio-thoracic Centre’. With the government paying so much attention to healthcare, the standard of living is much more elevated than in other countries.

Overall, Monaco is a unique and exclusive area to live in. With its low taxes, security and quality of living, there is no wonder as to why the demand for property in the area is rising. It is accommodating to both families and businessmen, due to its safe, beautiful and exciting environment.

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