Monaco is a Magnate for Talented Designers, Inside and Out

Apt EIf you live in the Monaco, then you will be fully aware of some of the old architecture amidst between the modern high-rise buildings. With Monaco being the most densely populated country in the world, with 32,000 living in less than 2 square kilometres, the space has become a premium. That being the case, developers are having to become more innovative, in order to try and meet the high demand for property in the area.

Villa nocturne, built over 100 years ago, was a handsome structure with a crumbling interior, and in great need of refurbishment. A retired British businessman, Mark Brockbank, decided to take on Villa Nocturne as a project along with a team of architects, to revive the run-down 4-storey establishment and transform it into a luxurious masterpiece. It is now one of the most stunning properties in Monaco.

Marc Cobiau and his architects entirely stripped out the inside and renovated the premises. The ground level became a place for storage, whilst the attic was turned into a skylit working area. However, the most astounding transformations was the glass conservatory which extended on to the terrace creating a larger living room, and the entrance to Nocturne which was displaced in order to face the hills above Monaco; literally turning the house around.

Once the exterior of the villa was completed, Mark called in Timothy Whealon, a New-York based interior designer to help decorate the Monaco property. Using the great use of light, Timothy used a wide range of different vibrant patterns and Naxos textiles to give a lively feel to each of the rooms. The colour palette ranged from turquoise, lime green and golden streams to sand, brown and ivory for the furnishings, which included Louis XVI-style armchairs.

Contrast to the exterior, Timothy Whealon managed to transform dilapidated Villa Nocturne into a comfortable home with stunning mix of New-York cross Belle Époque.

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