Upcoming Cultural Exhibitions in Monaco in 2016

Art exhibitions in monaco

Monaco will this year boast a cultural calendar befitting one of the great cultural capitals of the world. Exhibitions in Monaco this year range from Inuit art to one of the most anticipated art fairs in the world. Already home to a number of highly reputable art galleries the sovereign state is attracting an increasing number of international art events to satiate the discerning cultural tastes of its residents and visitors. Here’s an insight into what the month of January has in store, with a look ahead to the central attractions of the cultural year:

Art Exhibitions

Galleries such as the Galerie d’Art Contemporain or the Galerie d’Art d’Entrepot will host a number of exhibitions in Monaco throughout the year, showcasing the works of local and international painters, sculptures and photographers.

The Theme of the Circus

Art exhibitions in monaco

As part of the 40th International Circus Festival, many artists will be exploring the theme of the circus in upcoming exhibitions, which are to be held at different locations throughout Monaco:

  • Alain Hanel: Exhibition of photography, to be held at the Métropole Shopping Centre until 13th February 2016. Alain’s work tends to focus on actors, singers and other types of performers.
  • Claude Gauthier, Thierry Mordant and Roberto Rosello will present their work at an exhibition on the same theme, from 14th to 24th January at the Riviera Marriott Hotel.
  • Igor Akimov, Dominique Avigdor, Pierre Assemat, Toly Castors, Nathalie Chabrier and Petit Gougou will also exhibit their take on the theme at the Hotel Columbus from 14th to 24th January.
  • Likewise, Jacques Cinquin, Rolf Knie, Quirin Mayer, Nall, Jacques Reboutier, Martin Stommel and Elena Zaika will treat visitors to their work at the Hotel Fairmont on the same dates.

Fausto Melotti

Art exhibitions in monaco

Art fanatics with a discerning eye will be aware of the work by Fausto Melotti, whose metallic sculptures have captivated audiences since the inter-war period. The Nouveau Musée National de Monaco is currently exhibiting his work at Villa Paloma. Visitors can witness the spectacular exhibition until 17th January 2016.

Art Monaco 2016

Art exhibitions in monaco

Once the excitement of the January exhibitions in Monaco has abated, the principality will once again play host to one of the biggest and most glamorous of art fairs, when Art Monaco ’16 opens at the Espace Fontvieille in the spring. From April 28th to May 1st art lovers can peruse and buy more than 4,000 exceptional pieces from across the global, all amassed in 4000m2 of exhibition space in the heart of Monaco’s business district, Fontvieille. The three-day art exhibition will feature some of the most sought-after artists from all over the world, each of who has been selected to participate by the event’s team of expert art critics. Art Monaco ’16 will act as a stage for both established and emerging galleries and has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in Monaco’s burgeoning cultural calendar.

European Art Fair

Art exhibitions in monaco

Another highlight later in the year for art aficionados is the European Art Fair, being held at the award-winning Grimaldi Forum from July 18th to 24th. This event will not only provide an opportunity to see and purchase some of the world’s greatest works of art but will also offer a window onto rare collections of antiques and jewellery. 

Museum Exhibitions

Meanwhile, the Principality’s impressive portfolio of museums, which include the Museum of Art, the Nouveau Musée National and the Musée Océanographique, all run active cultural programs in which they give considerable exposure to artists and causes from all over the world.

The Lab

Art exhibitions in monaco

Running until 20th March 2016, the Nouveau Musée National Monaco will present ‘The Lab,’ displayed in Villa Sauber. It offers visitors the opportunity to gain an unprecedented glimpse behind the scenes of the Monaco Museum of Art, foreshadowing an insight into the future of the museum. It will act as a platform for interactions between attendees and those who run the institution.


Art exhibitions in monaco

The Musée Océanographique will host an insightful exhibition, entitled ‘Linked.’ It will display modern Inuit artworks, with a merging of science. Intended to raise awareness for climate change, it will be organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will run until 29th February 2016.

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