Choosing the best Monaco real estate agent: Why work with LCPM 

Best Monaco real estate agent

Working with a highly experienced and professional Monaco real estate agent is a must when seeking to buy, rent or sell in the principality’s highly competitive and fast-moving real estate market.Monaco’s best real estate agents boast market intelligence, industry contacts, and a selection of the finest properties to buy and rent. Additionally, the best real estate agents will have access to off-market properties not available to the public.

Whether you are seeking to purchase property in Monaco, sell a property in Monaco, or rent an apartment in the principality, you will reap the rewards when you work with the best real estate agents in Monaco.

Here are just some of the reasons you should pick your Monaco real estate agent wisely.

Why work with an experienced Monaco real estate agent?

1 – Market intelligence

The best Monaco real estate agents will boast a deep understanding of the real estate market, making decisions based on market intelligence and the latest data. Whether you are looking to rent, purchase property in Monaco, or sell a property, this gives peace of mind that you will secure the right price. This in-depth knowledge can be especially beneficial for investors seeking to capitalise on Monaco’s spectacular property returns. The best Monaco real estate agents have their fingers on the pulse and can identify properties that are likely to provide a strong return on investment.

2 – Industry contacts

A deep network of industry contacts enables both buyers and renters access to the best properties, while sellers will benefit from a large pool of qualified and vetted buyers, ensuring a quick and seamless sale. Industry contacts can be tapped to learn about new developments coming to the market before they are publicly listed and any potential off-market properties. In Monaco’s fast-moving real estate market, often the best properties are secured by those with a deep network of industry contacts.
best real estate agents in monaco

3 – The best properties to buy and rent

Monaco’s best real estate agents will boast a handpicked selection of the finest properties to buy and rent. Whether you seek an elegant studio or a sumptuous penthouse in the most sought-after residential building, an established Monaco real estate agent will be able to find the right property for you. They will also be able to manage all elements of the transaction, from curating a short list of properties to arranging viewings and handling contract negotiations.

4 – Flawless marketing

For sellers especially, working with an experienced Monaco real estate agent who utilises the latest marketing techniques is a real bonus. The best real estate agents will use a strategic mix of offline and online marketing strategies to ensure your property is marketed to the largest target audience of qualified buyers. This may include a mixture of traditional PR and digital outreach with exclusive real estate and lifestyle publications, promotion on the real estate agent’s own website, as well as flawless content across target digital platforms.

How can La Costa Properties Monaco help?

La Costa Properties Monaco is an established Monaco real estate agency with more than 40 years expertise. Our highly trained team of multi-lingual agents boast a deep network of contacts and stay abreast of the latest industry news.

We advise buyers, renters, and sellers at all stages of the real estate transaction, offering invaluable guidance and support. As a family run basis, we put people first, working to build established and trusted relationships. Our collection of properties for sale and rent is amongst the finest in the principality. We also represent several off-market properties.
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Our membership with the Chambre Immobilière Monégasque provides our clients with complete peace of mind that we deliver a first-class service and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism.

Our Monaco real estate agency is located in the heart of the principality, at 25 Avenue de La Costa, providing our clients with the utmost convenience.

If you are seeking to work with one of the best real estate agents in Monaco, contact us today.

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