Come and Celebrate Monaco’s National Day on the 19th of November

MonacoKnown for its royalty, luxury and property, Monaco has a history that began a few hundred years ago. Since 1952, the 19th of November is celebrated by Monegasques every year, as it is Monaco’s national day, known locally as “Fête Nationale.”

Monaco’s national day was frequently changed over the last couple centuries. The first Monaco national day was actually celebrated in 1734, on the 16th of May, chosen by Honoré III. Prince Charles III (1818-1889), once in reign, changed the date of the holiday in 1856, to the 4th of November, also known as Patron Saint’s Day, to celebrate the sovereign. In a similar fashion, once Albert I (1848-1922) came into rule in 1890, he decided that Saint Albert’s Day should be celebrated instead on the 15th of November, a Prince’s celebration.

Louis II (1870-1922) then stepped forward and altered the date to the 25th of August, known as “Saint Louis.” On the 17th of July 1922, the sovereign’s celebration was again changed to the 17th of January, known as the festival of Saint-Antoine-Abbe, the patron saint of his beloved granddaughter, Princess Antoinette (1920-2011). In 1952, the date was then changed to the 19th of November, the date Prince Rainier III (1923-2005) stepped up to the throne, the same day that celebrates the blessed Rainier d’Arezzo, and it hasn’t changed since.

Prince Albert II decided to keep the “Fête Nationale” on the 19th of November in honour of his father. Monaco’s national day is an occasion for the Monegasque community to come together and share their traditions.

Every year since 1871, the Prince and his family members have presented an array of honorary distinctions, including a parade and salute within the palace grounds. A thanksgiving mass and Te Deum also take place in the beautiful cathedral, celebrating the community’s and family’s Catholic faith. Monaco also has many festive traditions including shows, gala evenings, a fair, and even a firework display on the port. The 19th of November also marks the day to give to the poor; hence social traditions include distributing parcels to the sick and elderly.

If you would like to find out more information on Monaco’s National Day please visit the Prince’s website.

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