When is the best time to visit Monaco?


While the principality is located on an area of just two sq. km., Monaco is one of the best-planned cities in the world and is home to a superb selection of local attractions such as award-winning restaurants, beaches, boutiques and museums. Monaco also boasts a climate of year-round sunshine and mild weather, meaning visitors can plan trips to Monaco throughout the entire year. Discover La Costa Properties Monaco’s guide to the different seasons and the best times to visit Monaco.

When is the best time to visit Monaco – Climate

From May to September – the end of spring, summer and the very beginning of autumn – temperatures rise to their maximum of 32° C. The water temperature also varies from 20°C to 28°C during the hottest months, making it one of the best times to visit Monaco to enjoy the beaches and soak up as much sun as possible.

July and August are the most popular months to visit Monaco. The months of May, June and September remain very pleasant to enjoy the delights of the principality, with the heat being generally less intense, oscillating between 21°C and 25°C.

Monaco’s winter months – November through to March – are much cooler, with maximum temperatures of 14° C in the middle of January and minimums of 5 ° C. The months of October and November are also the rainiest in the principality.

When is the best time to visit Monaco – Escaping the crowds 

Springtime marks the time of the year when travellers can plan visits if they are looking to enjoy the best of Monaco with relatively thinner crowds – apart from during the Monaco Grand Prix and the Rolex Monte-Carlo. While the Mediterranean is still too cold for some to enjoy a swim early in the season, the warm and pleasant weather invites locals and tourists to the sandy beaches, with many taking their yachts out to sail.

Summers are by far the busiest season in Monaco. With sublime temperatures combined with clear sunny days, residents and visitors are treated to the perfect weather conditions for sunbathing on the beaches, splashing around in the warm Mediterranean waters and alfresco dining in one of the many terraced restaurants and bars. Expect to find hotels at full capacity and dinner reservations booked months in advance.

The early autumn season is one of the best times to visit Monaco since you can experience all the delights of summer without the tourists over-crowding the main attractions.

While the beaches usually remain out of option in the winter, the temperatures remain mild enough to enjoy the city’s main attractions with little to no crowds.

When is the best time to visit Monaco – Events

Spring is the best time to visit Monte-Carlo, offering a roster of superb events to enjoy all season. In May, Monaco hosts one of the most exciting races in the world, the Monaco Grand Prix. Not only is this race a delight for racing fans, but also for those who wish to revel in the party atmosphere. Shortly after the Grand Prix, visitors can experience the famed Cannes Film Festival, just a short drive away from Monaco.

Another fantastic Monaco event is the Spring Arts Festival, showcasing more than 30 world-class concerts and performances, as well as the Monte-Carlo Masters – the annual tennis tournament in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

Summertime is also one of the best times to visit Monaco, especially during the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

Winter is a magical time in the Monaco district, Monte-Carlo, with Christmas and New Years’ events in full swing. Visitors can make the most of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival and performances by the Ballets de Monte-Carlo.

When is the best time to visit Monaco – Restaurants

Monaco is home to an unbeatable collection of award-winning restaurants that can be enjoyed best throughout the summer. Visitors can enjoy alfresco dining upon sun-lapped terraces, waterfront bars and lush gardens. Some of the best restaurants for alfresco dining this summer include the Horizon Rooftop, Blue Bay and Le Grill, all of which boast sublime views of the Mediterranean Sea.

That said, dinner reservations are hard to come by during the spring and summer, so you will need to book several weeks in advance for the most sought-after restaurants.

However, visitors can avoid the crowds and benefit from last-minute dinner reservations in winter. While visitors may not wish to sit outside, they can enjoy comfortable and elegant interiors with expansive views of the sea and sky.

When is the best time to visit Monaco – Budget 

The busiest months to visit Monaco are May through to September, with prices for hotels and flights at their most expensive. During the high season, the average cost of a 4-star hotel in Monte Carlo is €550 per night, while the average price of a 5-star hotel is €750 per night. Visitors should expect to pay even more during the Monaco Grand Prix and the Monaco Yacht Show.

While Monaco is one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, there are plenty of wonderful ways to sample what this country can offer on a very reasonable budget. April and October are some of the best times to visit Monaco, with room rates significantly reduced to as little as €125 per night.

It is without question that the best time to visit Monaco is in the spring and summer, with idyllic temperatures, vibrant nightlife and a calendar packed with events. That said, to beat the crowds and enjoy Monaco’s finest offerings, a trip to Monaco in Autumn is a superb experience.


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