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How to choose Monaco insurance? Is mutual insurance compulsory in Monaco? What is the best insurance company in Monaco? What is the CCSS regime in Monaco? Read our definitive guide to Monaco insurance, where we answer all these questions.

Choosing Monaco insurance

There are many Monaco insurance companies to choose from, so deciding which company to use can feel like a daunting task. Whether you want to insure your yacht, your car, require health insurance, are seeking to take out a retirement savings plan or life insurance, or are searching for Monaco real estate for sale and will therefore need property insurance, anything is possible. In addition to traditional Monaco insurance companies, such as MMA, Allianz, Gan, Generali, Avia, and MAAF, there are also several independent insurance brokers who will help you negotiate the best contracts with Monaco insurance companies. Independent Monaco insurance brokers include MC Courtage Monaco, Suisscourtage, and Premium Assurance Monaco.

Is mutual insurance compulsory in Monaco?

The Caisse Sociale de Monaco is renowned for its comprehensive Monaco insurance services. It supports employees, the self-employed, the disabled, the unemployed, and retirees in Monaco. To benefit from its Monaco insurance coverage, you do not have to live in Monaco. However, you must meet the working conditions required in the principality. Subscribing to a health insurance provider is not compulsory in Monaco. Monegasques are covered by the Social Security Scheme, and therefore have the choice of whether not to subscribe to a mutual fund in Monaco.

What is the CCSS regime in Monaco?

The Social Services Compensation Fund, or CCSS, is more commonly known in Monaco as the Social Security Service or the Monaco Social Fund. The CCSS regime makes it possible to manage all the health services of the people affiliated with it. This Social Fund also assumes the payment of family allowances, housing allowances, and school premiums.

What is the best Monaco insurance company?

Which Monaco insurance company is considered the best will depend on your needs and your contract with the company. As in all jurisdictions, insurance companies compete to win new business and retain existing clients, so price and policies often vary from one Monaco insurance company to another. The best way to find the right Monaco insurance company for your requirements is to use an insurance comparator or to engage the services of a trusted Monaco insurance broker.

Monaco insurance contact details

To help you find the best Monaco insurance services, here are some useful contact details:

  • AXA Insurance Monaco – Benjamin Renaud (rue Louis Notari) : +377 93 04 21 85
  • MMA Insurance Monaco – Brière Pierre (bd Moulins) : +377 93 10 51 93
  • Aviva Insurance Monaco Didier & Nathalie Dorfmann (rue Princesse Caroline) : 00 377 93 30 86 00
  • Agence Gramaglia Insurance Monaco (bd Grimaldi) : +377 92 16 59 00
  • Mourenon et Giannotti Insurance Monaco (bd Princesse Charlotte) : +377 97 97 08 88
  • Monassur Insurance Monaco  – Eric Blair & Cie (av St Michel) : +377 93 50 99 66
  • Allianz Insurance Monaco Hamache Salmon (rue Saigne) : +377 97 10 55 66
  • Cabinet Martin-deflesselles Insurance Monaco (av Prince Pierre) : +377 97 77 14 90
  • Merlot Jacques Insurance Monaco (rue Millot) : +377 93 30 19 28
  • Gan Assurances Monaco – Desmet François (bd Jardin Exotique) : +377 93 10 62 62
  • MC Courtage Insurance Monaco (av Papalin) : +377 97 97 15 27
  • Fougues Generali Insurance Monaco (bd Rainier III) : +377 97 97 39 50
  • R. Risso Insurance Monaco (av Annonciade) : +377 93 50 31 70
  • Pantaenius GmbH Insurance Yachting Monaco (quai Jean Charles Rey) : +377 97 70 12 00

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