A guide to home catering, Monaco; party suggestions for the festive season

christmas dinner in MonacoChristmas festivities are set to look a little different this year. With venue closures, strict guidelines around travel, and smaller gatherings to keep everyone safe, many Monaco residents will likely opt for a luxury celebration at home with select family and friends. With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning a luxurious Christmas dinner in Monaco or New Year celebration for your friends and family.

With the help of La Costa Properties Monaco, we share some wonderful tips on how to throw the perfect New Year or Christmas dinner in Monaco. From florists and DJ’s to post-party cleaners and catering, Monaco offers fantastic options.

How to host the perfect New year and Christmas dinner in Monaco 

Home catering, Monaco services

The food is arguably the most important feature of any Christmas dinner in Monaco or New Year’s party. Luckily, when it comes to home catering, Monaco has an excellent selection of skilled catering services to take the stress away for the night. Our top suggestions include Cesare Poma Traiteur and Traiteur A Roca Gourmet. Catering services give you ample freedom to choose from gastronomic tasting menus to three course meals, paired with world-class wines.

For more stress-free options when it comes to catering, Monaco is home to some top restaurant delivery services. Wonderfully packaged and delivered to your door, Song Qi is an excellent choice for fine Chinese food, Beefbar is a fantastic choice for meat lovers looking for rare cuts of beef sourced from around the world, and Cantinetta Antinori is a delicious Italian restaurant delivering Tuscan specialities. For dessert, make sure to order from Komo, Mauro Colagreco’s award winning Patisserie!

Food delivery services for home cooking

Alternatively, you may wish to host a New Year or Christmas dinner in Monaco to show off your culinary skills. In this case, once you know how many guests you are serving, and whether they have any dietary requirements, you can start planning a three-course menu.

One way to impress the discerning gourmands at the party is to include a few seasonal ingredients in your dishes: this will show off your wonderful culinary skills as well as highlighting that you have taken care to source the best ingredients. That said, while you are busy planning the other details of your dinner party, several supermarkets throughout Monaco will deliver your ingredients to your door, including Carrefour and Casino, offering the utmost convenience for a stress-free festive celebration.

Provide plenty of drinks

When it comes to home dinner party catering, Monaco has plenty of beverage delivery services to suit everyone’s taste. Aside from wine pairings for your food, a Christmas dinner in Monaco is the perfect occasion to serve signature festive cocktails or world-class Champagne on arrival.

In addition to this, you should provide soft drinks or delicious ‘mocktails’ for those who do not wish to drink alcohol. Our top recommendations for home delivery are Le Caviste or Nicolas, offering some of the world’s most sought after wines. If you wish to handpick and try the wines before you purchase for your party, head to Wine Palace Monte-Carlo.

Those looking to go one step further for their New Year dinner in Monaco, consider the idea of hiring a professional bartender or mixologist for the evening.

Decide on canapés

Upon arrival, your guests may be expecting something to eat before being seated, so make sure your guests are offered an aperitif and a refined selection of canapés after you’ve welcomed them into your home. While an alcoholic aperitif will get the party started, a delicious canapé will be a good opportunity to show your guests what they can expect from your menu that evening.

In regards to planning what should be served, smoked salmon on blinis finished with a teaspoon of crème Fraiche and caviar paired with a glass of Champagne is an exceptional choice for a luxury dinner party. Alternatively, a deli board delicately filled with cured meats, cheeses, fruit and seeded crackers is another wonderful option to serve your guests. Superb luxury deli boards can be purchased from Wine Palace in Monte Carlo, with a fantastic array of food options on offer.

Beautiful table decor

Hosting the perfect New Year or Christmas dinner in Monaco is in the details so pay attention to adding an extra element of design to your evening. Take the opportunity to discuss chic floral arrangements with local flower delivery companies in Monaco.

Some excellent recommendations are Fleuriste Interflora, Gastaldi Fleurs and Infinite Monte-Carlo. With fast delivery and exceptional luxury flower arrangements, your table is set to be the talking point of the night. As an extra recommendation, try to match your flowers to the food you are serving: for instance scattering edible flowers on your dishes to match your floral arrangement is a small but beautiful touch.

Aside from flowers, make sure to fill your table with vases, candles, the finest crockery, and stunning linens and napkins. Consider seating your guests at allocated seats complete with personalised features including napkins with their embroidered initials or elegant name cards. Get in touch with event management service Scarlet to discuss these fine touches.

Provide atmosphere

Even with exceptional food, company and wonderful festive drinks, music makes all the difference to a New Year or Christmas dinner in Monaco. Try to match the song choice to the mood of the night, for instance, consider playing instrumental music from the beginning of the night until the end of the meal.

Once everyone has indulged in incredible food and delicious wine and cocktails, make space for your guests to dance. Better yet, consider hiring a DJ to get the party going. To enquire about DJ hire, contact top French Riviera agency Deejay or DJs on Demand and start planning the after-party.

Post-part clean-up

Of course, the party planning should extend right through until the next day. After a night of hosting and celebrating with fabulous wine and cocktails, you may not want to begin the clean-up. With cleaning companies throughout Monaco such as Société TOP NETT, all your party mess can be taken care of, giving you time to relax and unwind after the night before. From cleaning to repairs, TOP NETT will set up a highly-skilled cleaning team to carry out the task quickly and effectively.


For the most idyllic setting to host your New Year or Christmas dinner in Monaco, contact Monaco real estate agency La Costa Properties. With an exquisite selection of apartments to buy and rent, hosting a home dinner party has never looked so appealing.

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